After Googler complains, Microsoft is looking into slow Windows 10 Jump Lists

by Surur
August 31, 2020
jump list

One of the annoying things about Windows 10 is that some UI elements are slow, even when your PC is very powerful. It is pretty annoying for example when a basic smartphone loads apps faster than your Core i7 laptop.

A particular example of this issue has bothered Google Chrome for Windows developer Bruce Dawson so much he submitted a bug report at the WindowsDev GitHub.

His report, about slow Jump Lists, reads:

I frequently right-click on items in the task bar in order to view their properties or close them. Last year I reported a ~500 ms delay due to massively redundant ReadFile calls. This was fixed. However, closer analysis shows that there still remains a 200-250 ms delay from the moment that the mouse button is released until the menu appears. This is well beyond the ideal human interaction times and is a constant frustration. I don’t want to wait for my computer, especially when doing simple and repetitive actions that I know it should be able to do roughly ten times faster. Closing multiple programs in this way becomes frustrating, even after the ReadFile fixes.

Microsoft has in fact been working on the issue since last year, after an earlier complaint by Dawson, but a large part of the issue remains unresolved.

Fortunately, Rich Turner, Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft, has acknowledged the issue, and said Microsoft is looking into it, saying:

Reopening this issue as the product team are investigating. Will share the result of their findings once they solidify.

With proper caching and SSDs, and on modern hardware, an operating system shell should be near-instantaneous. Do our readers agree that this issue is unacceptable? Let us know below.

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