After a week-long tussle with Apple, Microsoft ends week the most valuable company in the world

By the most accurate measures Microsoft only overtook Apple to become the largest company by market capitalization on the  26th November, but these were only for brief moments during the course of trading in the day, with Apple invariable taking the leadership position at the end of the day.

Friday was however different, with today being the first day since 2010 when Microsoft managed to be worth more than Apple at the end of the day, locking in the position for the whole weekend.

CNBC reports that at Friday’s close, Microsoft held an implied market valuation of $851.2 billion at $110.89 per share, based on an outstanding share count of 7,676,218,736 shares as of Oct. 19, according to the company’s most recent SEC filing.

Apple’s market valuation, based on an outstanding share count of 4,745,398,000 shares as of Oct. 26, lagged just behind at $847.4 billion, at $178.58 per share, leaving less than $ 4 billion between the valuation of the two tech companies.

While there has been a lot written about the reasons behind the shift in the market at present, it is clear the situation remains volatile, suggesting Microsoft supporters should enjoy the peace of the weekend before the battle recommences on Monday.