AdDuplex’s March stats examine Windows 10 device usage worldwide

AdDupelc’s March stats for Windows devices are out, and we get to see a look at how PCs are doing with Windows 10 worldwide. There isn’t anything on mobile this time (something that will become more frequent I wager), but there’s a lot on Windows 10 for PCs.

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update now powers roughly 91% of Windows 10 PCs.  That’s an incredible uptake for Microsoft’s OS- one that was likely helped along by Windows 10’s aggressive update procedures. The Creators Update makes an appearance as well, taking up just under 1% usage share.

In terms of the hardware used, we get a look at the top 10 PC makers worldwide. Not much has changed, HP and Dell still lead the pack with other notables like Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung making appearances.

AdDuplex also helpfully breaks down OEM popularity by country. As expected, HP and Dell are popular among the 5 countries broken out – likely due to their mix of high, low, and midrange PCs.  Microsoft – which offers exclusively premium PCs – is only in the top 10 in the usual suspects with countries like the UK, US, and Germany.

As for Microsoft’s Surfaces, we get a look at the uptake of Microsft’s PCs in the US. As we saw last time, the Surface Pro 3 and 4 make up a majority of the Surfaces in use at over 60% combined, with the Pro 3 being used by 27% of Surface users and the Pro 4 being used by 34%.

The Surface Studio comes in last at 0.3% owing to its prohibitive pricing and limited availability – as well as a limited audience. As for the Surface Book, it falls just between the Surface Pro 2 and the original Surface Pro at just 7.5%. While no definitive numbers of the Surface Book have been given, the low usage number is part of why speculation abounds regarding Microsoft changing its form factor to lower pricing and attract more sales.

Regardless, the most important thing in today;s AdDuplex’s release is the Windows 10 OS share. In the eve of the Creators Update release, it is going to be worth revisiting in a month or two to see how Microsoft’s upgrade uptake compares.

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