Add Romania to the list of countries where Windows Phone outsells the iPhone

by Surur
March 17, 2014

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romaniaRomanian newspaper reports that Windows Phone sales have been surging in the country, quadrupling from 2012 and taken more than 10% market share in November and December 2013.

The data is via respected market research company GfK, and is confirmed by Microsoft and operator Vodafone and Cosmote Mobile.

“Sales of Windows smartphones were in 2013 four times higher than in 2012,” said Bogdan Lerescu, Head of Terminals at Vodafone Romania to ZF. Vodafone is the second largest player in the local mobile phone market .

While Android of course rules the roost, it appears Windows Phones outsold all iPhones in total for 2013, which is quite a feat.

Hopefully we will see a further consolidation of this market share and progression into a 20% market share, which should guarantee developers will not ignore the operating system.

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