A sneak peek at the Microsoft Store Wish List feature

We have known for some months that Microsoft is adding a Wish List feature to the Microsoft App Store.

A server-side change rolled out to Windows 10 users, but the feature was not fully functional yet, with no way to view the items you have added to your wish list.

Now ALumia has uploaded a short video showing exactly how the feature will eventually work.

As seen in the screenshot above, users will be able to add to their wish list while browsing the web.  They will then be able to access the wish list from a menu item, buy or remove items, and share the list from that screen, with the ability to make the list public.

The feature should be particularly useful for minors who wish to download books, movies and possibly even hardware, offering a one-stop registry for Microsoft’s ecosystem items.

What do our readers think of this implementation? Let us know below.

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