9zen Store is a Windows Store app that allows you to make app wishlists, see app update details


Microsoft’s Windows Store may be getting a facelift soon, but it falls short in some areas where it shouldn’t.

The Windows store does not allow users to see when apps were last updated – perhaps due to some backend issues server-side with regards to Windows 8.1 and phone apps being treated differently. It also doesn’t allow users to create wish lists for apps which they want to get later, but not just yet. Sure you could get around that with Cortana¬† reminders and/or sharing apps to OneNote, but there was no native embedded way to do it from the store.

Enter 9Zen Store, a third-party app store for the Windows store which aims to overcome some of the “drawbacks” of the Windows store.

The app allows you to see app reviews and ratings from more than a single country, search for apps which wouldn’t ordinarily show up in the store, create wish lists¬†and view when an app was last updated. While the store listing indicates that the feature is limited to Windows Phone 8.1 apps, that isn’t entirely true. The store exposes last updated date for apps which are either Windows Phone 8.1 based or share an app id with a Windows Phone 8.1 app, allowing you to see UWP app update dates and more.

Here’s the full feature set of the app below;

  • Browse apps and see their reviews/ratings from over 60 countries.
  • Search apps with an advanced search features for apps not shown by windows store search.
  • Get app details like update date, release date of windows phone 8 apps and related UWP apps(Pro feature).
  • Like an app but want to download later. Add it to the download later list which you can easily check out later.
  • Discover apps which are recommended by us.
  • See free/discounted apps for the day.
  • Copy the store link easily to share with anyone

Download 9Zen Store from the Windows store and let us know what you think in the comments.

9Zen Store
9Zen Store
Developer: Inspizen Inc
Price: Free

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