6tin updated for Windows phone to resolve login issues

If you’ve been noticing sign-in issues with 6tin for your Windows phone or (more rarely) Windows 10 PC, you’re not alone. Users of the Tinder third party client app have reported difficulties signing in in the past week, with the app kicking them back to the home page once Facebook details were entered.
An update has been pushed out to the store which resolves most of the issues, bumping it to version 3.5. While some users still report issues, for some devices (like my Lumia 735 which previously experienced the sign-in bug), the issue seems to now have been banished.
6tin is one of the current apps being developed by Rudy Huyn, the one- time WIndows phone saviour who developed a whole suite of windows Phone apps back in his heyday, including 6tin, 6snap and 6tag. Now, Huyn is helping Dropbox create an awesome Windows app. His other apps have predictably fallen into the back burner.
You can download 6tin for Windows 10 here.

6tin - for Tinder
6tin - for Tinder
Developer: Rudy Huyn
Price: Free
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