You can still use tabbed apps on Windows with Groupy


23, 2019

Microsoft will no longer be building the Sets tabbed interface in Windows 10 — at least for the foreseeable future. Due to having shifted from Edge proper to Edge built off of Chromium, the framework Microsoft used for Sets is no longer viable.

This doesn’t mean that users aren’t able to use tabbed apps on Windows, a Utility, Groupy offers much of what Sets would have offered – albeit for a small price.

Just over a year ago, I reviewed Groupy here on MSPU, saying:

Where Groupy has the most utility, is where it involves making groups of the same apps and not different apps. That is to say, apps like PowerPoint and Word which support multiple Windows but not tabbing functionality can be enhanced with Groupy. You can now switch between multiple documents faster with the tabbed feature, and keep different documents open in different groups.

Like many utility apps, Groupy isn’t perfect. The limitations of the Windows 10 OS means that it can’t do as much as it would be able to were it to be a built-in feature. It adds potential to your Windows device, but it’s not for everyone. It costs $10, the cost of a movie ticket in many cases. If it’s worth it for you to try out tabs in Office apps or just for the novelty factor, go for it.

That conclusion hasn’t changed, and with Microsoft having shelved Sets indefinitely, the calculus for Groupy has now changed.

The app is currently available from Stardock for $10. 

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