This Xbox Game Pass browser add-on tells you if a Steam game is in the service

October 12, 2020
Xbox Game Pass browser add-on

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No longer will you accidentally buy a game that’s already included in your Xbox Game Pass subscription service thanks to a clever browser extension by Ali Güler. 

Simply titled Xbox Game Pass info on Steam, this browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome does exactly what the title says it does. With the Xbox Game Pass browser add-on installed, browsing Steam will now inform you if a game you’re looking at is available on the subscription service.

“Did you ever had [sic] the situation where you bought a game later to find out that it’s already on Xbox Game Pass? It happened to me. Luckily it was only 10 bucks,” says Gütler on the add-on’s website.

“So I thought what if I could see that information directly on Steam. This add-on checks the Steam ID of a Game over the database and displays if the game is currently on Xbox Game Pass or not.”

Xbox Game Pass browser add-on
It does what it says on the title.

If you want to get your hands on the Xbox Game Pass browser add-on, check it out here. 

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