Windows Phone 7 will have “multiplayer, multiscreen games” Xbox Live games


22, 2010

dscn0704tIn a 15 min Investor Conference call Andy Less spoke some more about Windows Phone 7 Series. Interesting titbits include that Windows Phone 7 was conceived 18 months ago, when Microsoft decided to do a “hard reset” on their Mobile Strategy.

They also mentioned that Microsoft considered making its own hardware, but has decided setting strict minimum requirements for their hardware OEM’s will serve the same purpose of creating a large, easy to developer for ecosystem for ISV’s.

He also mentioned the UI was called “smart design”, and included an architecture for extensibility that would allows OEM’s to differentiate without Microsoft and the OEM’s tripping over each other.

Its his comments about Xbox Live which was however most interesting:

"We are very excited about the way in which the platform works across screens, so we have commonality of platform across the PC, the Xbox, and the web and the phone. We provide a new set of tools that makes it easy and very fast for people to develop applications for the phone but also in a way that works across screens, and we’ll announce details of that at MIX. You’re also right to point out that a marketplace is included, and the marketplace will work for applications but also for games, so the gaming marketplace for the first time will utilize Xbox Live, and that enables you to create multiplayer, multiscreen games, and the marketplace will facilitate that, so that it will actually work across screens."

The promise is of Windows Phone users being able to play games in some way against Xbox 360 users, although of course how exciting the realization will be remains to be seen.

Microsoft plans to engage developers with evangelism at MIX10, and is believed to plan on using the slogan that every .Net developer is now a mobile developer.

Listen to the whole conference all here.


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