Windows Mobile, HTC rules the UK business smartphone roost


12, 2009

Author Surur // in News


sybase_q1 UK is not USA, despite having more or less the same language, and one of the ways it shows is in the attitude towards Windows Mobile. While USA has a pretty big downer on the OS, UK is often chosen to launch a new Windows Mobile smartphone.

A recent survey by ZDNET of 400 UK IT professionals shows how this attitude is reflected in business practice.

With over 58% of companies already having smartphones, when it comes to mobile OS use, Windows Mobile is the clear leader, with 47% of companies using that OS.  iPhone owns 20%, Symbian 15%, leaving RIM with around 18%.

When asked which smartphones the IT professionals themselves used, 19% used HTC phones, 16% Blackberry and 14% iPhones. The much promoted Android G1 was only present in 2% of users.

There also seemed some active resistance to the iPhone, with 49% saying the did not plan to adopt it, citing high cost,  lack of full support for Microsoft Exchange (despite Apple’s efforts in this area); ease of management; and a lack of security as the main reasons.

Read the full result of the survey, which seems much too focussed on the iPhone, here.

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