We’ve joked on occasion that Microsoft is now so immersed in the open-source world that they might as well use Linux as their next kernel.

Now it seems some distro developers did just that, releasing Windows 12 Lite into the world.

Being sold at computer fairs, and spotted by redditor hexsayeed, Windows 12 Lite is a Linux distro based on LiteOS with a Windows 10 wallpaper and is being touted as the perfect software for Windows 7 users who need to upgrade.

Touted as being secure, free from viruses and ransomware, and being 3 times faster than Windows they note that the OS contains no adverts and has a great support forum.

We suspect Microsoft may have some words with them regarding the software shipping with the default Windows 10 wallpaper, however.

Read more about Windows 12 Lite before Microsoft’s ban hammer strikes, at their website here.

via Liliputting