Vivaldi aims to make you forget about Chrome and Edge with a browser for power users

Vivaldi today announced a couple of new features coming to its browser in Windows 10. The latest update for Vivaldi Browser brings along some more control for power users, including an advanced Reader Mode, the very useful ability to easily turn off GIF animations and more control over Mouse Gestures.

Advanced Reader Mode

Vivaldi’s Reader Mode lets you have a clutter-free reading environment, undisturbed by unwanted advertisements, videos and other distractions. You can now adjust the settings right at the top of the page you’re currently viewing in the Reader Mode. Without having to navigate away from the page, you can choose the font type and size of the text, set the column width and line height, as well as select either dark or light background.

You can also let your Custom Theme do the coloring by applying it to the Reader Mode. Custom Themes in Vivaldi have programmatic support to enforce minimal contrast, which makes the browser more comfortable for people with visual impairments.

Easy way to turn off animated GIFs

Vivaldi added a convenient option for people who react to flashing images and want to avoid them. If you’re one of them, you can now easily deactivate animated GIFs right from the Status Bar. Click on the Toggle Images icon and you’ll see three options for loading animations to choose from – always, once or never.

Adjustable Mouse Gesture sensitivity

Editable Mouse Gestures in Vivaldi let you execute a command with a simple movement of the mouse – which you can create at your convenience. Now, you get even more control over this feature with the ability to set the minimum stroke length for the gesture to be registered. The default minimum stroke length is set to 5 pixels and can be increased to up to 100 pixels, all controlled with a slider in the Settings.

The app now also has a new icon, and Speed Dial options are now more accident-proof.

See the new features demoed in video below:

YouTube player

Vivaldi’s latest update, version 1.7 is available right now and you can download it here.