How to use Google Chrome’s new redirect blocker right now

Google introduced a new redirect blocker for Google Chrome in a blog post on the Chromium site today. This is part of an ongoing strategy by Google to make browsing the web safer for users. This endeavour, in brief, blocks a malicious strategy by sketchy websites which open a hyperlink in a new tab, while displaying ads or other unwanted content on the current or top-level tab.

While the firm is rolling out this feature to Chrome 64 in January, users running Chrome 62 and above can already make use of it with Chrome’s flags feature.

How to enable Google Chrome’s new redirect blocker

  1. Open Chrome://Flags
  2. Using Ctrl + F, search for #enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-usergesture 
  3. Enable this flag and then restart your browser so it takes effect.

Google’s redirect blocker is one of the tools the firm is using to fight malicious ads by virtue of having the most used web-browser. A built-in adblocker is also coming to Chrome, showing that even the ad-supported sometimes capable of balancing consumer interrsts against their own bottom line.