Unofficial Udemy Online Course app now in the Windows Phone store

CodingChick's Udemy

Udemy is the world’s largest online education service, with more than 3 million students.

The service offers a huge number of (unaccredited) courses which makes learning a new skill very easy, but unfortunately do not offer a Windows Phone app.

Developer Efrat Barak, who is related to famous Windows Phone hacker and now Apple employee Justin Angel, has decided to change this, and has released an unofficial but pretty comprehensive version of the app for Windows Phone.

The app lets you find interesting courses based on availability, sales and categories, check out course information such as rating, user reviews, description and much more and watch videos for courses you own and sample lectures from most other courses.

Courses cover a variety of topics such as: Programming (java, python, php, ruby, and more), Entrepreneurship, Photography, Yoga, Marketing, Salsa, Cake Decorating, Design and more.

imageBeing 3rd party, the app still requires you be an existing Udemy user and does not support purchasing new courses in-app. This can of course be done via a browser however.

Download the free app from the Windows Phone Store here.