Twitter is getting a new closed captions button for videos


25, 2022

Twitter has announced that they’ve begun rolling out a new “CC” button, allowing iOS and Android users to easily turn on or off closed captions. 

Rolling out to iOS users for testing now, and Android users whenever “soon” might be, the new CC button to turn on or off closed captions appears in the top right corner of videos on Twitter, as the company displayed in their own tweet announcing the feature. 

In Twitter’s own tweet about the new feature, the social media giant didn’t explain exactly why they are adding this much-requested feature, but in their defence, they didn’t really need to either, as closed captions are an obvious and major win for accessibility, regardless of if you use them or not. 

Alongside this feature to better suit your closed captioning preferences, Twitter also recently implemented alternative text badges (ATL), allowing users to add detailed descriptions of any photos they upload in order to aid screen readers and further improve accessibility. 

Additionally, under the impending threat of Elon Musk taking over the company, Twitter is also finally working on an edit button for tweets. Reportedly rolling out to paid Twitter Blue subscribers first, the edit button is said to also have an “immutable” quality to it, meaning the original unedited tweet won’t be deleted after changes are made.

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