Twitter app for Windows 10 updated with advanced Windows 10 integration

Twitter’s Windows 10  app is a Progressive Web App team which means most updates can be made server-side.  Some changes, however, such as integrating with Windows 10, requires changes to the container, which explains today’s update of the app to version in the Store.

The update enabled two important Windows 10 integration features – support for Windows 10 Timeline and support for opening twitter links in Edge in the PWA app.

A full list of recent changes to the app includes:

  • Windows: Links to from Edge will now open in the app.
  • Windows: Viewing live events or moments will add an entry to your Windows Timeline so you can easily return later to see updates
  • Improved content and descriptions for screen readers, including adding waypoints to get to additional Twitter content on desktop.
  • Videos can now be attached to tweets (limit 15MB)
  • Users of screen readers should now be able to navigate to areas of the page beside the main timelines more easily.
  • Search results now highlight the query that was matched in each result
  • When you upload Tweet photos, you can now attach alt text that will be read for screen reader users to help them understand the photo. Read more and learn how to enable this here:
  • Threads are now easier than ever to create, add additional tweets to a new thread from the composer.

The updated app can be found in the Store here.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free