Timber Words: Cool new word game

OmegaDot has just published Timber Words, a cool and original word game.  The closes thing that it resembles is a 2d rubic cube, or rather rubic board.  The game is played on a 5×6 matrix of carved timber letters placed on a wood board.  You swipe the rows or columns and try to make as many words as possible.  The longer the word, the higher the score.  The more words, the more score.  The difficulty gradually increases as you play, but you can start from any difficulty level.  The easiest level is really fast paced because all you need to do is just find one word.  The hardest level requires 4 words of minimum 5 letters, but it gives you more time.  So the pace is slow, but you have plenty of time to think.  The hard levels also give more generous bonus (up to 13 times the normal).  As the levels progress, the game will be more demanding, and you’ll develop some strategies to complete the levels successfully.

The game features an autosave feature, so you never loose a game.  You can just exit and come back and continue from where you left off.  The advanced leaderboards system provides all time, monthly, weekly, and daily leaders.  The game rewards you with trophies as you play, which you can show off in your exhibit screen.  The game features a really cool live ranking system which lets you see your ranking as you play.

In addition to the innovative game style, the warm wood theme, the sound and visual effects make the game stand out.  If you like word games, and like to spend hours without getting bored, this game is for you.

Find Timer Words in the Windows Phone Store here.

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