This week’s Xbox Live title Kinectimals, DotW Monopoly at $2.99

Microsoft accidentally released Kinectimals earlier last week and then rapidly pulled it, but if you did not manage to grab it then, don’t fear, as the title will return to Marketplace tomorrow for $2.99.

The game is described as:

This irresistible mobile experience gives you the chance to use your phone to visit the island of Lemuria and play with, care for and fall in love with your very own cub. Bring your pet with you wherever you go! If you’ve already experienced Kinectimals on Kinect for Xbox 360, your phone becomes the key to unlocking five new cubs on your console. Stand-alone mobile game features Kinectimals’ signature visual quality, delightful animation and brand new ways to play with your cub!

If you are looking for a deal however, you may want to look at this week’s deal of the week, Monopoly, which will be on sale for the whole week at $2,99.

Our review of Kinectimals will be published tomorrow.