This is why all your Microsoft Store apps were suddenly updated yesterday



You may have noticed a rash of app updates in the Microsoft Store over the last few days.  The reason is not a sudden dedication to supporting their apps by Windows developers, but rather Microsoft fixing an issue with the Store.

The issue had caused users to run into error 0x800B0100 when they try and download apps, with Palani Sundaramurthy, a Principal Program Manager Lead on Developer & Partner Services at Microsoft saying:

“We have tracked this issue to our submission workflow incorrectly signing certain apps. [We need] to re-process the impacted apps in order to alleviate the problem. While we have already re-processed a few apps, […] we’re working to ensure that every impacted app is fixed.”

The reprocessed apps are all showing up as app updates with the minor version number of .1000.  The fix appears to have resolved the issue, with Microsoft reporting that developers can now safely resubmit apps and expect end users to be able to download them.

Via WindowsLatest

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