The power of integrated experiences through hubs

It is one thing to hear people talk about a great concept, but, what makes the biggest impact is seeing it in action. When Microsoft talks about WP7 helping users to complete their tasks naturally without going in and out of apps, an average consumer will respond with “huh?” This app demo brings that concept to life.  Watch the whole video but pay close attention after the 2:00 mark. You can see that the app can be seamlessly launched within the photos hub by just clicking on the photo and selecting the extras option. No need to remember or look for the photo app. It is present in the most sensible place and integrates seamlessly with the task at hand.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, first demoed this concept during the Mix 2010 using a photo coloring app. Many of us already know this but it is great to see a developer apply it in a real application. I believe that when users get their hands on a windows phone, there will be a lot of “wow why didn’t anyone think of this before!" comments. I can’t hardly wait to see how far developers will push these capabilities in concert with their applications.