Gabe Aul: “We were looking at 10530 as a candidate, but want to get one key fix in before we go out”


Just yesterday, Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul tweeted that he is using Windows 10 Mobile Build 10532. Now, if you’re waiting for a new build today – we’ve a bad news for you: no new Mobile build is coming today. Acording to Gabe Aul, the company’s  “looking at 10530 as a candidate,” which suggests that Insiders may get a new Mobile build (possibly 10532) sometime soon:

Gabe Aul also tweeted that the company may not be releasing a new mobile build this week:

If you’re not part of the Windows Insider program, will you be joining it when the company releases the next build? Discuss in the comment section below.

Also, Gabe said “no new mobile build today” – so the company might release a build for PCs today. We can only hope. 

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