Thai support for WP7

EDIT: It seems that while WP7 technically full Thai language support, it is currently only possible to type in Thai characters with the specialised HTC app, which works for the six functions quoted below. Thanks to Bill_lim for clearing this up.

DTAC, the first official WP7 carrier in Thailand, have opened a site with Thai-language FAQ and a video regarding Thai support on Windows Phone 7. (Mechanically translated; post in the original Thai can be read here.) Previous reports claimed “proper Thai support” for the entire system, but this seems to indicate the ability to type in the Thai alphabet is only possible via an HTC app.

You can type in Thai via an App named QuickPost which you can download from HTC Hub. It’s consist of:
1. ThaiSMS for sending SMS in Thai (lang)
2. ThaiEmailSender for sending Email in Thai
3. ThaiSearch to enable typing in Thai on Web Browser
4. ThaiTweet for type a message in Thai on Twitter
5. Thai Facebook Post for Update status on Facebook in Thai
6. Thai FourSquare for Shouting on Foursquare in Thai

Q :Why need to type in Thai via App?
A :Because the latest version of Windows phone 7 is NOT support Thai language thus HTC has developed “QuickPost” program to support type inThai specifically for HTC HD7 which only available via DTAC. The QuickPost program available for download via htc Hub or Marketplace.

(Thanks very much for the translation, from a Thai reader whose name’s characters are also not supported by our WordPress site.)

If Microsoft can maintain better foreign language support than its competitors, as recently seen with Arabic, Windows Phone 7 is likely to gain significant traction in the non-English marketplace. As previously reported, it has already had a very strong reception in Thailand.

Thanks to tezawaly for the tip.

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