Tesla finally starting Tesla Model Y deliveries in Europe

by Surur
August 23, 2021

Cross-overs have been the most popular car format for a number of years, but for a year now Tesla fans have had to settle for sedans as Telsa has not been selling the Model Y on the continent.

That has changed today, with the first Tesla Model Y deliveries starting in Europe.

An image of the first delivery was posted on LinkedIn by Can Dogan, a senior Tesla advisor at the store and service centre in Dortmund, Germany.

The delivery is believed to be part of a batch of 8000 Model Y’s exported from Gigafactory Shanghai last month. Local production is only expected to start in Gigafactory Berlin sometime in October 2021.

Besides Germany, the Model Y has also been spotted in Norway and the Netherlands, but presumably, the market will only get into gear when Gigafactory Berlin gets into action in the near future.

via Electrek

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