Tesla Battery Day: Tesla announce new larger 4680 cell format, will enable $25,000 Tesla


22, 2020

Tesla is having its long-awaited battery day today, and at the event the company announced a new battery cell format called 4680.

The new cell is larger, and has 5 times the energy capacity and six times the power of the older 18650 cells.

When integrated into a vehicle, the improved energy density could mean 16% longer range. Tesla says the new cells are also 14% cheaper.

The cells feature a tab-less design, which should mean improved cooling.

Tesla also plans to build a new cathode plant which will feature a new and simplified cathode design which is 76% cheaper, will be less affected by nickel shortages, and which will produce zero wastewater.

Tesla also ultimately wants to eliminate cobalt in the cathode, saying it will make batteries significantly cheaper. All this work will ultimately halve the price per kw of batteries, and Musk said would enable the company to produce a $25,000 EV.

Tesla plans to produce the cells themselves, but Musk warned yesterday not to expect mass production until well into 2022.

via Electrek

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