Telegram Desktop app gets updated to version 3.3 with new Creator options

by Surur
December 12, 2021

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Telegram Desktop has received an update on Windows 10 and 11, taking it to version 3.3.

The update appears to be aimed at giving creators greater control over their channels and making it easier to monetize their presence.

The update also includes other changes, about which you can read them below.

Telegram update Changelog

  • Content creators can limit the ability to save media, take screenshots, and forward messages from their groups and channels.
  • Delete messages in private chats based on a specific date or time period.
  • Post as one of your channels in public groups and channel comments.
  • When you request access to a community and its admin or bot contacts you with a message, you’ll see which chat it’s from at the top of the chat.
  • Admin bots can now ask users to complete actions before they are allowed to join – such as accepting community rules, passing a test, or making a donation to content creators.

You can download and install the Telegram Desktop on your Windows 10 PC from the below link, or you can head over to Microsoft Store and search for the app.

Telegram Desktop
Telegram Desktop
Price: Free

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