TCL’s futuristic folding, expanding smartphone prototype looks amazing


6, 2021

It is getting difficult to differentiate science fiction from fact these days, with flexible screens enabling some amazing futuristic smartphone designs.

At the DTC 2021 conference in Shenzhen, China, TCL showed off some amazing devices with folding phones, including their Fold and Slide prototype.

That device is a folding smartphone that uses the same screen as an internal and external screen, a trick we have seen before, but goes one further by being able to expand to a 10-inch tablet by unfurling some hidden screen.

The design is difficult to explain but easier to understand in Folding Universes’s video below:

YouTube player

While there are of course obvious issues such as durability, Samsung has shown that amazing progress can be made in that front with their Z Fold series, so hopefully, those concerns will also become a thing of the past by the time these devices hit the market.

What do our readers think of this revolutionary device? Let us know below.

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