Surface Pro 8 leak: four memory variants, LTE version confirmed

by Rahul
December 16, 2020
Surface Pro 8 3

Microsoft is expected to launch its next-generation Surface Pro devices next year. A few days ago, we gave you a closer look at the upcoming Surface Pro 8, though we didn’t know much about the specs, until now. Courtesy of the German website WinFuture, we now know some important details about the Surface Pro 8 lineup.

According to the databases of some European retailers, Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will be available in multiple different variants. The retailer listing suggests that one of the variants of the Surface Pro 8 will offer LTE connectivity. However, the LTE model will be based on Intel Core i5 and will be available in only one color option and that is platinum grey. Those wanting to buy the Surface Pro 8 LTE will have to choose between 128GB and 256GB SSD. The details on the pricing of the LTE model is not known at this point in time.

Surface Pro 8 with an i7 processor and 32GB of memory was also listed on the database. This is expected to have a 1TB of SSD and is said to cost almost 3000 euros. Apart from that, Core i5 models with EIGHT and 16 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD are also listed.

Surface Pro 8

In Europe, Surface Pro 8 is expected to become available in the following memory and CPU variants:

  • Surface Pro 8 LTE i5 8/128GB
  • Surface Pro 8 LTE i5 8/256GB
  • Surface Pro 8 LTE i5 16/256GB
  • Surface Pro 8 i5 8/128GB
  • Surface Pro 8 i5 8/256GB
  • Surface Pro 8 i5 16/256GB
  • Surface Pro 8 i7 16/256GB
  • Surface Pro 8 i7 16/512GB
  • Surface Pro 8 i7 16GB/1TB
  • Surface Pro 8 i7 32GB/1TB

Surface Pro 8 is expected to hit the market in early 2021, but we don’t know the exact release date as of yet. Besides Surface Pro 8, Microsoft is also working on Surface Laptop 4, and it’s being said that both these devices will be launched on the same day. You can know more about Surface Laptop 4 here.

How many you own a Surface Pro/ Surface Laptop? What improvements do you want to see in the next-generation Surface Pro and Laptop? Let us know down in the comments.

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