Subscription everything: Microsoft’s disc-less Xbox rumoured to come bundled with Game Pass

Microsoft is set to release a download-only Xbox next year, and according to (paywall), Microsoft is looking to bundle the device with a subscription plan from the get-go, similar to how a cell phone comes with a service plan attached.

Thurrott writes:

Imagine you go on, select the disc-less console, then pick two years of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass, pay the fee, and when the console arrives, it’s all set up with the service ready to go. This functionality should arrive next year and also be part of the Scarlett business model as well.

Having the price of the subscription built into the cost of the console can be a winner of it is priced low enough, but unless Microsoft managing pricing and messaging very well buyers may very well feel they are paying more for less freedom.

Thurrott is also suggesting an SKU of Scarlett, the new high-end Xbox, will also be available with Game Pass built-in.

Would our readers sign up for such a bundle? Let us know below.