In an interview with XTREND, translated thankfully by Aitaikimochi on Twitter, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda revealed plans for announcements at E3 2021.

When asked about upcoming titles, Matsuda first commented on known upcoming games “OUTRIDERS, which was originally delayed, was released on 4/1 and NieR Replicant will be out this month too. FF7R Remake Intergrade is in June.” according to a translation by Aitaikimochi.

Matsuda went on to reveal that “We also have many other games lined up, so please look forward to E3 in June where we can make announcements then,” which is the first confirmation that Square Enix will be joining this year’s digital E3 event. 

Square Enix is already set to have another Square Enix Presents event this summer, similar to the one hosted earlier this spring, though it is currently unknown if this will be the E3 conference or a separate event.

While this is an exciting announcement itself, there’s no word yet on just what they might be revealing at the event, with details being kept vague for now.