Some LG Optimus 7s failing Mango upgrade with Error Code 8018001E


It seems for some Windows Phone 7 users the Mango honeymoon has come to an abrupt end, with many LG E 900 Optimus 7 users complaining that they can not complete the upgrade to Windows Phone 7.5 due to Error Code 8018001E .

imageUsers complain:

When I conect to the laptop.

The phone signs me I can update.

I start updating (Without Sim).

There is a first round 9 step.

The Zune always did every step.

The Next Round there is 2 step.

First step is the phone restarting. (Done)

Second Step: When He finishing  (Finalizing) The Zune write me out that Code:

8018001E – Error Code

A  6 page thread at Microsoft’s support forums unfortunately show that the problem is not isolated to only a few users, and so far no solution has been offered there.

Have any of our readers run into this issue yet? Let us know below.

Thanks Gordan for the tip.