Samsung Galaxy S22 will feature brand-new technologies, including continuous zoom lens, more



Sometimes yearly updates result in only minor incremental improvements compared to the last year, but according to reliable leaker Ice Universe, next year’s Samsung Galaxy S22 will be a major update with brand-new technologies.

ice universe continuous zoom

According to Ice Universe the Samsung Galaxy S22 will feature continuous zoom, versus fixed zoom levels (2x, 10x). Currently to reach intermediate zoom levels your phone digitally interpolates resulting in loss of quality, whereas continuous zoom would always be pixel perfect.

Ice Universe also reports that the device will feature an under-screen camera, a still brand-new technology that will reportedly show up in the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 later this year.

Lastly the device will feature Samsung’s Exynos processors enhanced by AMD’s GPU, a combination that reportedly offers desktop-like performance.

Will these features tempt our readers to upgrade? Let us know below.

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