Rudy Huyn complains Microsoft caused latest 0x80080204 Store download issue

Well known Windows Store developer Rudy Huyn, who is also the developer of the official Windows Dropbox app, has complained that Microsoft has introduced a bug in Visual Studio which is causing users to be unable to download applications from the Store.

He claims  Visual Studio 2017 + the Fall Creator Update SDK introduced the issue, which mainly affects applications using Background Audio.

“It looks like some apps (including Dropbox) have an issue with the Microsoft Store (0x80080204). It’s probably a bug between the Fall Creator SDK and the Store. This prob is Store-side, we (developers) are already very affected by these Store issues and are powerless, don’t send 1 star reviews to publishers, instead, send feedback to the store team,” Rudy Huyn tweeted.

In a blog post he notes:

If your application contains a background audio agent, each time you edit your AppxManifest via the App Manifest Designer (the default viewer of this type of file) when you change the version number of your app (when you create a package for example), the appxmanifest becomes corrupted.

At the moment not too many users are affected, as the Fall Creators Update has only rolled out to a minority of Windows 10 users.

He notes Microsoft is 100% responsible and should issue an urgent fix and in the meantime should reject every package with background agents without types.

Read more detail about the issue at Rudy’s site here.

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Via WindowsLatest