Announced in the Resident Evil Village showcase, the projected framerate and resolution settings for the title were revealed across all platforms.

The table showing off all the framerates is an incredibly specific jumble of numbers, but the gist is that it’ll look great on the latest next-gen hardware as you might expect, topping out at 4K HDR at 60 fps on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. 

As you drop in console power, both the framerate and resolution take a hit, with the Series S slashed down to 1440p at 45 fps, which is marginally ahead of the Playstation 4 Pro which hits 1080p at a smoother 60 fps. 

The worst out of the bunch is the lowly base Xbox One version which was almost cancelled. This version is only projected to reach 900p at 30 fps, 15 less than the base PlayStation 4 which is set to reach 45 fps at the same resolution. 

With Ray Tracing as an option, the framerate will take a hit when it’s enabled, dropping down to 30 fps on the Xbox series S, while the Series X and PlayStation 5 manage to maintain an oddly specific 45 fps as 4k. 

Included in the Resident Evil Village showcase was also the return of Mercenaries mode, which will be available at launch for a high-speed arcade-style take on the game’s combat. 

From this jam-packed showcase, we also now know that Resident Evil 4 will be a VR version for the Oculus Quest 2 headset, supporting full hand tracking for cool gun flips and properly pants changing horror.