Deal Alert: Razer Invicta gaming mouse pad now available for just $29.99

Razer Invicta

Razer Invicta is one of the most premium gaming mouse pads available in the market right now. You can now get a huge discount on Razer Invicta from Amazon. After the discount, you can grab this high quality mouse pad for just $29.99.

Product highlights:

  • The Razer Invicta features an all-new, lab-tested coating with a specially chosen finish on both sides to enhance the surface’s reflective quality and ensure accurate sensor readings
  • You’ll be prepared for every in-game situation since the Invicta offers two sides Designed for two completely different play styles with the Razer speed and control surfaces
  • The slick-smooth Razer speed surface lets your mouse glide freely and quickly to take out opponents before they even have a chance to react
  • The rough-textured Razer control surface offers the optimum level of resistance leaving measured mouse movements and a tactile feel in your hand
  • Housed in an aircraft-grade aluminum base for added durability, The Razer Invicta allows for quick Interchangeability between the control and speed surfaces during play

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