Qualcomm: Snapdragon “7cx” will bring $300 Windows 10 on ARM laptops soon

One of the big issues holding back Windows 10 on ARM is the high prices of the initial wave of devices, particularly because their perceived value, due to compatibility issues, is lower.

Now Winfuture.de reports that this is about to change, with plans by Qualcomm to launch a cheaper Windows 10 on ARM platform which would enable PCs as cheap as $300.

This is according to Don McGuire, Vice President of Global Product Marketing for Qualcomm, who made the comments on the Mobile Tech podcasts recently.

The move will be enabled by a new chipset which will slot in below the Snapdragon 8cx, provisionally called the Snapdragon 7cx.

McGuire noted “There will soon be cheaper Snapdragon laptops available on both Windows and Chrome OS,” with the devices ranging between $300 and $800 with the new platform arriving “in the coming months.”

McGuire noted that wider penetration of Windows 10 on ARM PCs was needed to stimulate developer interest, and revealed that Google has scaled back their Windows 10 on ARM native Chrome team due to current limited adoption.  This will hopefully change with cheaper devices becoming more available.

Would $300 ARM PCs temp our readers to try out the platform? Let us know below.

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