Qualcomm defends ARM-based Always Connected PCs with new series of videos

The first reviews of ARM-based Always Connected PCs have come in, and the general impression is that you pay a steep performance price for the long battery life and other advantages of Snapdragon 835-powered Windows 10 laptops.

Now Qualcomm has struck back at critics with 3 videos demonstrating why an ARM-based Windows 10 PC may be a good idea.

The first is, of course, the battery life advantages, with up to 22-hour video playback, demoed below:

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The next is the phone-like instant resume capabilities.

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The last is that ARM PCs run cool, with Qualcomm making the interesting point that heat causes throttling, which can make even a fast x86 PC run slower than an ARM PC.

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Has Qualcomm’s defence convinced any of our readers? Let us know below.

Via Windowsteam.com.br

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