PWAs set to come full circle as Google plans tabbed UI for Chrome PWAs

The idea of Progressive Web Applications(PWAs) running in the Chrome browser is about to get a lot more intuitive. The Chrome developers (noticed by are reportedly planning to introduce “tabbed UI” for Chrome PWAs. This new feature will let you produce multiple tabs in the single app window, allowing you to create multiple instances of the PWA.

This is quite similar to the regular tabbed UI in your browser. However, the standalone browser and PWA while running in the browser are two different experiences. For example, you won’t find a URL bar(however, in the menu “…” you’ll be able to access URL), navigation buttons, etc, these will be hidden when you are accessing a PWA in Chrome. Also, the tabbed app window will have the title and icon of the app. If you’re using PWAs in Chrome the setup shouldn’t look alien to you.

The feature also looks similar to Windows Sets. The only difference here is that you can’t access more than one PWA in a single app Window.

When ready this new “tabbed UI” feature to hit the Dev and Canary channel first. And if you’re using the regular Chrome browser then you should hold your horses as the feature might take a year or so to make it to the public build.