PSA – lock up your Symbian phone (or it will be done for you)!



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We don’t normally report too much on the other platforms, but this news via is just too important not to bring to the attention of our readers.

Apparently millions of Symbian S60 phones are vulnerable to having their text and MMS messaging functions completely disabled simply by sending them a well-crafted SMS message. The Denial of Service exploit affects all S60 2.6, 2.8, 3.0 and S60 3.1 devices and the only fix is via a hard reset.

The “Curse of Silence” exploit, as it has been named, is demonstrated in the video below:

At present there is no known remediation but its likely Nokia will come up with a patch shortly. It is however unlikely most handsets with roll it out, meaning over the New Year many mobile phones will fall silent, possibly forever.

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