Project Robin comes to Microsoft Edge

by Surur
April 10, 2021
project robin

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A new and mysterious flag has shown up on Microsoft Edge Canary. Called Project Robin, its description is cryptic, to say the least.

project robin

The entry notes that the Project Robin flag enables Project Robin features, which is rather unhelpful.

Thankfully one of the changes it enables is not that difficult to spot. Project Robin adds a new New Tab entry, letting users open a new Robin tab.

project robin 2

When you try and open the tab, it tries to open the page via Traffic Manager is a Microsoft load balancing system.

An honoured contributor at Microsoft’s Edge forums suggests that Microsoft may be looking at bringing untrusted sites sandboxed by Windows Defender Application Gaurd to the same tab strip as your regular browser. Currently, such sites are loaded into their own window.

At present no further information is available, but I am sure it will not be long before the usual hackers tear the feature apart and reveal all the details.

Thanks, Patrick for the tip.

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