Privacy & Productivity: Akruto Sync Software Finally Offers Cloud-Free Synchronization of Outlook Data on Windows Phone

Akruto Sync sample page
Users have been waiting eagerly for a way to sync their Outlook data without the cloud.  Current cloud-based solutions pose privacy concerns and synchronization limitations.  Fortunately, the wait is now over.  Akruto, Inc., has recently released Akruto Sync, a program that offers direct, cloud-free, complete synchronization of Outlook Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks data between a PC and a Windows Phone.

To ensure complete privacy, the data is stored only on the computer and on the phone, not in the cloud; it is protected using SSL encryption and never passes through Akruto’s servers.  Users may choose to synchronize their data over the cellular network or by using a Wi-Fi connection.  There is no limit on the number of contacts, tasks, or calendar entries or on the amount of data within each entry that can be synchronized.

A 7-day free trial of Akruto Sync is available.  Beyond that, a onetime licensing fee of US$19.95 covers installation on a single PC, which may be synchronized with one or more phones.

For more details on Akruto Sync as well as to view the simple setup guidelines, see a video demo after the break.

Read more at Akruto here.