PowerShell 7.2.0 RC1 now available for testing

Microsoft has made PowerShell 7.2.0 Release Candidate 1 available for testing.

The update comes with the following changelog:

General Cmdlet Updates and Fixes

  • Disallow COM calls for AppLocker system lockdown (#16268)
  • Configure Microsoft.ApplicationInsights to not send cloud role name (#16246)
  • Disallow Add-Type in NoLanguage mode on a locked down machine (#16245)
  • Make property names for color VT100 sequences consistent with documentation (#16212)
  • Make moving a directory into itself with Move-Item an error (#16198)
  • Change FileSystemInfo.Target from a CodeProperty to an AliasProperty that points to FileSystemInfo.LinkTarget (#16165)


  • Removed deprecated docker-based tests for PowerShell release packages (#16224)

Build and Packaging Improvements

Bump .NET SDK to 6.0.100-rc.2

  • Update .NET 6 to version 6.0.100-rc.2.21505.57 (#16249)
  • Fix RPM packaging (Internal 17704)
  • Update ThirdPartyNotices.txt (#16283)
  • Update pipeline yaml file to use ubuntu-latest image (#16279)
  • Add script to generate cgmanifest.json (#16278)
  • Update version of Microsoft.PowerShell.Native and Microsoft.PowerShell.MarkdownRender packages (#16277)
  • Add cgmanifest.json for generating correct third party notice file (#16266)
  • Only upload stable buildinfo for stable releases (#16251)
  • Don’t upload .dep or .tar.gz for RPM because there are none (#16230)
  • Ensure RPM license is recognized (#16189)
  • Add condition to only generate release files in local dev build only (#16259)
  • Ensure psoptions.json and manifest.spdx.json files always exist in packages (#16258)
  • Fix CI script and split out ARM runs (#16252)
  • Update vPack task version to 12 (#16250)
  • Sign third party executables (#16229)
  • Add Software Bill of Materials to the main packages (#16202)
  • Upgrade set-value package for markdown test (#16196)
  • Fix Microsoft update spelling issue (#16178)
  • Move vPack build to 1ES Pool (#16169)

The updated app is being distributed via Windows Update if you selected the “Update via Windows Update”.

via Deskmodder

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