Possibly the best review of Nokia Lumia 900 shows up on Fox News



Its pretty rare to find a tech reviewer who not only has a great grasp of the technology and market, but also who has not been warped by either Apple or Google.

One would certainly not expect to find one on Fox news, but that is exactly where Boston Globe tech expert Hiawatha Bray showed up, giving a very good account of the Nokia Lumia 900, Windows Phone and the challenges and opportunities facing the OS and handset in US.

Besides roundly endorsing the Nokia Lumia 900 and Windows Phone, Bray even went so far as to Smoke the reporter on live national TV, and explained why Windows Phone is faster at common tasks.

Its this kind of endorsement and advertising which the iPhone has been getting all along and which money just cant buy. Lets hope Windows Phone wins over a few more media types and continue to benefit from such great free advertising.

Via Foxboston.com

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