Popup confirms Paint.exe’s fate next year

It appears Microsoft is set to forge ahead with replacing the venerable Paint.exe app with the more modern Paint 3d app with Redstone 4 next year.

The company had already planned to do this with the Fall Creators Update, but a wave of internet outrage appeared to change their plans then.

Now with the latest Windows 10 Insider Build 17063, the app presents a pop-up (above) explaining that Paint will be replaced with Paint 3D, with Paint Classic becoming available in the store.

In some ways it is, of course, appropriate and necessary to move with the times, and having the app available in the Store is a good way to keep diehards happy, but Paint 3D will need to go a long way to match the simple speed and elegance of Paint.exe, and it is still sad to see it being sunsetted.

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Via GizCentral.com

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