Patent suggests Microsoft could offer “game pad” Surface Neo keyboard attachment


15, 2020

With recent developer events, Microsoft’s Surface Duo and Surface Neo dual-screen devices have become somewhat more real, which has also raised interest in the potential of the platform for various use cases.

PatentlyMobile has taken the opportunity to examine a recent Surface Neo patent published by Microsoft talking about the wireless keyboard component.

The wireless keyboard is of course placed on the lower screen when the Surface Neo is in its laptop configuration, and held in place by “alignment assemblies”, most likely magnets, labelled AA 140 and AA 142 in the drawing above

Of interest is that Microsoft notes that “in other implementations, the input device #102 could be manifest as a trackpad or game controller, among others.”

Via Microsoft’s Project xCloud the power of a device is of course no longer a limitation to the quality of a game a device can play, meaning even a low-power device such as the Surface Neo can still enjoy high-end gaming.

Of course, the Surface Neo would likely have to be extremely successful before Microsoft starts making niche accessories, but it is good to know that Microsoft is considering all use cases.

via PatentlyMobile

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