Partial HTC Max 4G review published


2, 2008

Author Surur // in News

For most of us a HTC Max 4G is an aspirational device, but we would not shell out money for a device whose only language is Russian, and who’s services are all tied to a service only available there.

Most of us, but not the owner of the Thoughts and technology blog, who bought a Max 4G and put it through its paces, despite not reading Russian

His conclusion is unsurprisingly:

I couldn’t enjoy the full benefit of using Yota’s services, nor could I enjoy the phone due to my poor Russian (hahaha…). The phone is a little large for most people’s preference, but the big screen certainly is better than the tiny Diamond. But this device certainly sets a benchmark for all WiMAX devices to come.

Read the full review to see how he got on here.

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