OneNote gets an enhanced look across all platforms to improve accessibility

Microsoft has started rolling out a new OneNote experience on all of your devices to improve accessibility, simplify navigation, and consistency. The improved OneNote design includes advanced keyboard shortcuts that will let users navigate around the app without even needing to touch their mouse if you’re quick with keyboard shortcuts. From opening the navigation bar to switching between different pages, almost everything in the app can now be navigated with your keyboard.

Microsoft also tweaked the navigation design on the OneNote app. With the latest update, all of the navigation panels are on the left side which makes navigating notebooks a lot easier. The new navigation design also helps users with screen readers easily navigate around the app.

Another big focus of the new design is obviously consistency. According to Microsoft, the new OneNote design looks almost the same across all devices — even if you are on an Apple device. The new design will get rolled out to users on Windows 10, Mac, iOS, and Android over the coming weeks, in case you are wondering. Here’s a video from Microsoft giving a closer look at the new updates:

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