Oh dear! HTC HD7 inherits HD2 pink camera problem


The HTC HD2 had the famous pink splodge problem, for which HTC eventually released a hot fix.  It seems the HD7 has however inherited more than the HD2’s 4.3 inch screen, but also the same problematic camera software.

WPCental reports their T-Mobile HTC HD7 clearly shows a problem of white showing up as pink (the picture is of a white fridge).

Interestingly Areamobile.de tested the HTC HD7 camera, and did not notice this problem.  They were however not very impressed with the camera itself, which they found of similar quality to the HD2, and concluded:

The camera is not just on paper the previous HD2, and the photo quality is comparable. Unfortunately, for even the older phone was only mediocre. The focus of the HD7 camera is in good light is still okay, but that is changing rapidly with decreasing brightness. Deserve the criticism image dynamics and the strong noise.Bright areas on radio shows when shooting in dark environments provide a quick, visible dead pixels. The same goes for photographs with the surprisingly strong double LED flash, which provides good illumination within two meters. Nevertheless, the photos are not really sharp and colors are slightly distorted.

See AreaMobile.de’s full review of the camera here.