Official O2 XDA Orbit 2 update brings WM 6.1, Opera Mobile 8.65

Another device getting a Windows Mobile 6.1 update is hardly news these days. Of course of you are a German XDA Orbit 2 user you would of course appreciate the improved battery life, threaded SMS and other advantages WM 6.1 brings. What is news is that German Obit 2 users will also be getting an official version of Opera Mobile 9.5 included in the ROM, bringing the ground-breaking Windows Mobile browser to their devices too. This browser instantly corrects Windows Mobile’s greatest weakness, its weak internet browser, and would transform the web browsing experience Windows Mobile users.

Edit: One of our commenters have said it is in fact only Opera 8.65, which is nice but hardly as good as Opera 9.5. This unfortunately brings the update from a solid 10 to a rather more disappointing 6. 🙁 Of course the Opera Mobile 9.5 beta can still be installed, but a copy included in the ROM would have been much better.

This move by HTC also indicates some ongoing support for now legacy devices, which can only be good news. In combination with TouchFlo 2D it means our old QVGA devices are now not so obsolete after all.

Download the ROM update for German O2 XDA Orbit users here.

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