Office desktop apps show up on Windows Store search ahead of release

Earlier this month, Redmond announced that it’s bringing the full blown Office desktop apps to the Windows Store. Office apps coming to the Windows Store is huge for Microsoft’s new version of Windows 10 S, as it can only run apps from the Windows Store. When Microsoft initially announced the launch of the new Office apps on the Windows Store, the company didn’t really reveal when exactly the apps will arrive.

But from the looks of things, the release is coming very soon. Most of the Office desktop apps have already shown up in the Windows Store search results, but you can’t actually install the apps or view their app listings just yet. For instance, if you search for “Word 2016”, the Word app will show up in the search results — but interestingly, if you go ahead and search “word”, the app will be missing from the search results.

As we’ve previously reported, Microsoft has also removed the Office Mobile apps from the search results on the Windows Store, so the release of the Office desktop apps on the Windows Store is definitely¬†imminent.

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